Summary of Position:

The Producer is responsible for developing and defining the project strategy; that is to say its planning, organization and supervision, and that, from conception to its operation. It represents the project and manages the relationship with the customer, in addition to ensuring the link between it and the production team.

He/she is responsible for the delivery of each stage of the project according to agreed criteria, in respect of its budget and timelines. It controls significant risks, advises teams by giving clear guidelines and recommendations. With strong leadership and interpersonal and communication skills outstanding, it ensures a continuous presence throughout the project and is a positive influencer.

What We Are Looking For:

  • Entrepreneurship and strong leadership
  • Ability to make decisions and delegate
  • Relational Perspectives marked and excellent communication skills
  • Fougue and passion for his work and for teamwork
  • Excellent sense of customer service and diplomacy
  • Strong ability to adapt to the needs of customers from various market segments
  • Spirit of initiative, analysis and synthesis
  • Demonstrates creativity
  • Autonomy, excellent sense of priorities, urgency and ability to work under pressure
  • Detail oriented, good management of priorities and resourcefulness
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Sense of priorities, reliability and professionalism

Duties and Responsibilities:  

Duties and responsibilities are to include but are not limited to the following:

1.   Responsible for the management and delivery of its projects:

  • Develop and define the project strategy; its planning, organization and supervision
  • The supply of services, the contract, the detailed budget, timelines, milestones and objectives
  • Identify and analyze the available competence (resources, team, etc.) for a project
  • Identify and analyze the potential risks of a project and ensure control
  • Addressing the Executive Director, Production of a high project risks
  • Research and identify the best suppliers for the project
  • Prepare contractual and administrative documents related to the project and for the client, in collaboration with various internal stakeholders
  • Plan and work with accounting to issue the invoice; keep track of payment with the client
  • Assign tasks, delegate to project managers based on the established and existing competence strategy
  • Manage customer relationships, represent the project and develop teams
  • Oversee the development of a project, its proper functioning by providing advice and     recommendations to the teams (technical, objectives, performance, profitability, etc.);
  • Ensure compliance with the budget, on-going monitoring and communicating the progress of a project
  • Develop debrief of a project in collaboration with the teams
  • Plan and organize archiving project being proposed
  • Acting as an expert and positive influencer; assist, train and support related knowledge and skills
  • Participate in the standardization of tools and procedures between the various producers.

2.  Participation in the development of business strategy and customer relationships:

  • Develop and maintain business relationships with existing and potential customers
  • Develop and maintain a network of prescribers professional sectors (architecture, design, technology, urbanism, events, etc.)
  • Validate the feasibility and profitability of potential projects based on customer needs and technical information
  • Preparation of service offerings and presentation to potential and current customers

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