Dreams become Design…

We’ve been called “Masters of the Approach”… our goal is to put audiences in the right mindset to engage in the experience before they even set foot in the space — helping you deliver an amazing experience that resonates.

For us, it’s about designing entire experiences from the top down and the bottom up. That includes what the experience will be like for audiences as they’re walking into an event, finding their seats, interacting with the content and presenters, and what they remember when they leave.

Rezin8 combines in-house creative and technical disciplines into the design phase, enabling a much higher level of innovation, and a smoother experience from pre-production planning through on site execution.


  • Stage design
  • Production design
  • Conceptual creative
  • 3D Rendering
  • Scenic design & transformation
  • Sensory design (video +lighting + audio + special effects)