Considered to be one of the most influential conferences for technology developers, Google I/O kicks off with a dynamic keynote experience that sets the tone for attendees, and introduces new product and platform innovations from Google.

Rezin8 collaborated with Google on the scenic design, staging, pre-show creative content, event production and keynote speaker presentations, ensuring a cohesive and immersive experience for attendees from start to finish.

Rezin8 helped Google completely transform the keynote room by immersing attendees in 540-ft of screen that displayed a trip through the universe, a digital Rube Goldberg device (a nod to I/O 2014), a migrating whale that swam around the room, a live tournament of Pong, and brought every attendee into a cardboard like immersive experience during the product demo. The festival-like pre-show entertainment helped build excitement and momentum leading into the show open, and then Rezin8 helped the keynote speakers carry that energy throughout the general session with presentations that visually captivated attendees.


  • Creative direction
  • Content production
  • Experiential design
  • Technical design
  • Technical integration