Google I/O brings together developers, partners, programmers, students and technologists from around the world — hosting 5,000 in-person attendees for the kickoff keynote, which is also streamed live to over 2 million viewers.

As the keynote creative director, designer and co-producer, Rezin8 collaborated closely with Google on the scenic design, stage design, show content and event production for Google I/O.

Rezin8 also helped create a large-scale Rube Goldberg device that began with a 10-foot mechanical clock counting down from the opening of the doors to the beginning of the keynote, to help generate excitement around the countdown. The Rube Goldberg device integrated physical components of the contraption with video sequences—seamlessly handing off between digital and physical elements.


  • Content production
  • Creative direction
  • Show production
  • Experiential design
  • Technical design
  • Technical integration