NCAA wanted to raise the bar creatively, with a full-court projection mapping experience that energized 80,000 fans at NRG Stadium, and millions of remote viewers at the NCAA Final Four.

Rezin8 goal was to design and deliver more than the traditional court projection mapping experience. Our creative concept incorporated the full-court, scoreboards, and a custom designed, automated canvas that dropped down from the center-hung to add additional layers of content, and elevate the entire experience for attendees.

Rezin8’s in-house R&D team partnered with Tait Towers to design and build the 4-dimensional, 30-ft x 50-ft automated scrim that could easily be lowered and raised from the scoreboards within 30 seconds. “Because NRG is a football stadium, the court was raised 3-ft, which meant some attendees on the floor were actually sitting below the court. Our scrim helped ensure a better in-person viewing experience for fans from any seat in the arena.

Rezin8 collaborated with the NCAA on the creative concept and content production, which included: semi-finals and championship game opens & player introductions; the Road to the Final Four®, a retrospective on the journey to the Final Four; the Texas Western 50th Anniversary, a tribute to the 1966 UTEP NCAA Championship Game; and 30 Years of NCAA Memories, a montage set to the NCAA theme song.

Our creative team’s background is in high-end content creation for the TV and Film industry, so we also built our content to ensure the on camera experience was as engaging as what fans were experiencing live. Some content was rendered for specific camera capture angles, such as the remote overhead fly-cam. This ensured maximum impact for the TV viewing audience.


  • Creative direction
  • Experiential design
  • Technical design
  • Content production
  • Scenic